General Tips

Please invite your creative and resourceful nature to contribute in any way you fancy…be it art, performance art or simply your absurd dress-sense.

The weather during May is both warm during the day and chilly at night…but the wind factor is minimal. So bring clothing for both extremes! The weather during October will be pretty darn warm, so expect anything from 25-40 degrees during the day! Bring your costume (there is a swimming pool/reservoir) but don’t forget your jacket too (after all this is the Cape region). Should you wish to have stretch tent shade cover for either festival date – peruse our site map HERE to book. You can also use the same map to reserve your glamping accommodation if you haven’t done so already.

Accurate weather site for Tankwa.
Please take note that as much as we have taken your safety into account, you enter the desert at your OWN RISK and we strongly advise keeping together, being aware of each other, and LOOKING AFTER EACH OTHER.

Please treat this event as if you were attending a ‘burn’ and be self-sufficient. There is a communal kitchen that we can all use, but it has very limited cooking facilities (gas cooker/washbasins, etc). So we encourage you to BYO COOKING SUPPLIES and small generators if need be. Chat amongst your friends going and share usage of power if you really need it. However, if you prefer to soak in the 3-day festival without much to do we will have an awesome selection of food trucks catering to vegan, vegetarian, and meat-eating appetites.

There are a number of bicycles available for use from Tankwa Tented Camp. You can make a request for a bicycle at the reception of the Tented Camp near the Bar

You may still visit the playa DURING THE DAYLIGHT HOURS BUT PLEASE DO NOT STAY ON THE PLAYA AFTER SUNSET as it can be extremely difficult to navigate your way back in the dark without a point of reference. We will close off the road to the playa from 18h00 every day.

Please try to light yourself up for nighttime (especially if you have a tendency to go wandering/away)!
This event is officially OPEN from 10h00 Friday and CLOSES at 12h00 Monday.

This is NOT an Afrikaburn affiliated event, but an independently-organized event.
The crew and organizers will be on-site from the previous Monday, but please do reach out via email/Whatsapp if URGENT (we will access WIFI just prior to the event).

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