Our Music Policy

Deep within the DNA of LOBO is the sound of his heartbeat. The desert is vast and therein a dissipation of barriers! Sound curation is intrinsic to this project and we aim to break stereotypes by virtue of story-telling and a ‘left-of-centre’ approach to our artist bookings. Artists are selected based on their musical prowess and spirit possessed. There is no room for ego within our dj booth!

One might find themselves waking up to a sound journey with gong instruments and deep, dubbed-out reggae, trip-hop, jazz & soul…moving into easier listening disco & house on the day-time stage…to be followed up with the more serious evening grooves of deep house, indie-disco, dark disco and techno at the evening stage. The stages run independently (not simultaneously) which keeps the community together in one place at a time, creating an interesting flow as dusk settles and the Tankwa stars begin to appear….

Sound pollution: in the campgrounds please DO NOT play music from personal boomboxes and try to minimize generator usage. An excess of noise could interrupt our dance-floor acoustics (silent generators are preferable).