By Car

If driving is the option you chose to reach our Festival please take note of these very useful information.

Once you reach the beginning of the R3555 you will drive straight for 117km on this dirt road (1,5-2 hours). Drive carefully on that road…don’t speed! Don’t overtake if visibility is hampered! Take a spare wheel and know how to use it. The condition of the road is the best it has been in many years-only the first few kilometers are quite bumpy. A 4×4 is a luxury, not a necessity. Upon sighting of the U.F.O. take a right at The Tankwa Padstal (40 km from the beginning of the R355) on your right side to buy your ICE wood, hats, or a quick affordable meal (to go). There is also ice for sale on the festival site for re-stocking during the event.

Just after crossing a small white bridge you’ll see the Tankwa Tented Camp sign (on your right) and you’ll turn right here onto the pathway to the ‘Source’ (DO NOT turn right anytime before this bridge as there is a confusing direction towards Tankwa Karoo National Park prior to the bridge/often misled here by Google Maps). After a few kilometres onto the pathway and passing through two gates you have arrived.

The best time to leave Cape Town for Return to the Source is 05h00-06h00 (to avoid traffic, queues at the festival gate, and to enjoy the surreal desert sunrise on the dirt road).

Use this MAP HERE to find the best route from Cape Town to The Tankwa Tented Camp.

The gate opens at 10h00 Friday and the music will start at 12h00

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