Try to take the Friday off work to enjoy this joyous 1st day in the dust, and if you can manage to stay the Sunday too we promise a special, intimate affair! IMPORTANT – once you hit the R355 dirt road you will lose your cell phone signal so PREPARE YOURSELF and know where you’re going! Screenshot any online data you may need. Treat this as a blessing as there is NO WI-FI or CELLPHONE RECEPTION at this event. Immediacy is the key and you have all the time before the dirt road starts to be prepared for the lack of it. This road eats tyres so make sure you have at least one spare tyre (tyre shops at the Tankwa Padstal/halfway house and at the Tankwa Tented Camp – should you run into trouble). Travel in convoy if possible so that in case of a stuck car, your friends can send for help/new tyre.

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